Multi-format splitter and converter tool : Octopus


OCTOPUS is a multi-format splitter and converter tool.

It replaces the former SeaDataNet tools Med2medSDN, Change_vocab_V1toV2, MedSDN2CFPoint, OdvSDN2CFPoint, offering a unique and ergonomic software able to convert files in a given SeaDataNet format to another SeaDataNet format (e.g.: ODV to NetCDF, MedAtlas to NetCDF, MedAtlas to ODV)

Octopus has also additional functions such as:

  • Split a multi-station SeaDataNet file into mono-station SeaDataNet files
  • Extract station(s) from SeaDataNet files
  • Check the compliance of SeaDataNet ODV and MedAtlas formats
  • Convert MGD v81 and v98 to SeaDataNet ODV files

More informations and software download on SeaDataNet.