Data access conditions

The observation data for the marine environment is governed by a legal framework that specifies broad dissemination of environmental information.

Furthermore, Ifremer is admittedly an important contributor of observations and information on the ocean, but it is also a user of data provided by other international, European or French organisations. In this context, Ifremer promotes the sharing of information through its involvement in several major international programmes, such as the  IODE ("International Oceanographic Data Exchange") programme from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, observation programmes Argo and Gosud, and European platforms for the sharing of marine data, such as SeaDataNet (Research infrastructure - DG-Research) and EMODNET (European Marine Observation and Data Network- DG-Mare).

Consequently, access to data and information referenced on this portal is, unless stated to the contrary, free for non-commercial activities, notably research, education and scientific support to public policies. However, and in accordance with the legal framework in force, access to data is subject to regulatory exceptions and the following supplementary provisions: 

  • Dissemination is restricted in the following cases (exceptions mentioned by the INSPIRE Directive):
    • protection of sensitive environmental zones or ecosystems,
    • protection of the economic interests (mineral or biological resources,…) or strategic interests of France,
    • protection of the interests of third countries (surveys in territorial waters, the exclusive economic zone, the continental shelf),
    • protection of individual data,
    • data acquired in a contractual framework with non-dissemination clauses.
  • The person in charge of the observation mission (particularly the chief scientist of a cruise) may, upon request, have an exclusive period of two years for the scientific exploitation of the acquired data. This period may be renewed no more than twice, upon explicit and justified request from the chief scientist, to take into account the sometimes long periods of processing and analysis of the results and analysis of the collected samples.
  • The sources of data used must be cited in any scientific publication. The use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) is recommended.
  • The data accessed may not be redistributed to third parties without the explicit consent of Ifremer.
  • The use of data for services that are not free, including the supply of derivative products not distributed freely, is subject to a usage contract. In this case, please contact the SISMER service, which will prepare a commercial proposal with Ifremer's relevant services.
  • The access to very voluminous data which cannot be made available online, or requests for extractions or compilations of data, will be invoiced according to the time spent at the current rate applied at Ifremer (marginal costs are invoiced).

In order to ensure compliance with these rules, in some cases, data access requires a password, which may be obtained online.

The data and information referenced in this portal is deemed to have been observed and prepared in accordance with best scientific practice at the time of its generation. The observation context, quality indicators and usage limits are specified in the descriptions (metadata) and/or the data. However, Ifremer shall not be held liable for any consequences related to their use or interpretation.