The Sealog software can, on board a vessel during a cruise, import, enter, update, format, export and backup information on:

  • the cruise (dates, geographical zone, chief scientist, etc.),
  • dives by the submarine vehicle that is used (date, site, submarine vehicle, etc.),
  • moorings laid and/or recovered from the vessel and/or the submarine vehicle (name, dates of laying and retrieval, site, etc.),
  • operations resulting from the use of equipment from the ship, the submarine vehicle or moorings (date, position, equipment, comment, etc.): observations, samples and measurements,
  • samples and associated analyses,

in a consistent and standardised manner.

Sealog Copie Ecran

Training objectives

The main objective of the training course is to prepare scientists for the use of Sealog on board, during a cruise. The idea is therefore to present the context in which Sealog will be used during the mission and to provide training in the use of the software's features, concentrating on those that will be most useful for the cruise in question.

Target audience

The audience targeted by this training course is:
• Scientists embarking for oceanographic cruises, generally using a submarine vehicle and/or producing biological, geological or fluid samples. However, these are not prerequisites for the use of Sealog, which can be deployed in a highly simplified mode.
• Scientists managing information on land.
• Any interested person.

Supporting material

The following are given to each participant:
• The installation setups.
• The reference data and sets of test data.
• The Sealog user manual.
Participants are generally asked to bring a laptop (Windows 7 – 64 bits) with an Internet connection and/or Wi-Fi.


According to the conditions of the training course and the participants' requirements, the session may begin with software installation (MySQL and Sealog) and a general presentation of the Sealog software in a varying amount of detail. The conditions of use that will be found on board are also explained.
Then, the most important part of the training course is dedicated to using Sealog, reviewing all of the available features.
The training group is limited in number so as to give maximum opportunity for direct questions and answers.
The duration of the training course is usually half a day, with the possibility of customised organisation.
Training courses are proposed and/or may be requested during preparation of cruises likely to concern Sealog (several weeks before departure) or at any other time according to requirements.