Assisting and advising

Guichet d'assistance


The service desk common to all of SISMER's activities enables us to rigorously monitor relations with our users and suppliers. Operating the data centres involves being attentive to the requirements of end users and to all information and comments (feedback) that these users may send us.

The code of best practice ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library - for the management of information systems. Thanks to a process-based approach, ITIL can improve the quality of information systems and service to users. ITIL proposes the creation of an assistance service to users – Service Desk.

SISMER's "Service Desk" tool

The helpdesk: this is the single point of entry enabling users to submit their requests and specific demands and to report incidents.

An assistance rota has been established and every day, a member of SISMER is the level 1 assistant. He/she is helped by a level 2 assistant, who can take some of the work in case of overload. The level 1 assistant must endeavour to respond and if they cannot do so, they can transfer the question to a level 3 assistant, specialist in the particular question. Questions directly related to the IT infrastructure may be sent directly to the "RIC" Service Desk.

To enable the level 1 assistant to respond to contacts that do not come directly within their field of activity, significant work has been conducted on the procedure documentation, and is to be continued. Training sessions have been organised to enable all members of SISMER to acquire a basic level of knowledge enabling them to answer the most common questions.

In addition to pooling the user assistance service and ensuring the capacity to provide support even in the absence of a specialist, the commissioning of the tool and the associated training cycle has had a beneficial role within SISMER itself. The team members feel more involved in the activities of colleagues and come together to provide a better service.

To formalise the Service Level Agreement undertaken by SISMER and to clearly define the resources committed to fulfil these undertakings, we used the quality standard ITIL/ISO20000 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a code of best practice for the management of information systems, as a foundation.

The SLAs available are presented in Contacts


In case of anomalies during quality checks, during errors in data flows from information systems, etc., the data supplier (Genavir, laboratories or other) is contacted for correction or intervention on the sensors or elimination of the data. This collaboration is essential to improve the quality of future data.

SISMER plays a role as advisor on the best practices to implement to efficiently manage marine data.