Who is hiding behind SISMER?

SISMER has a 22-strong team in 2017. Two additional members seconded from SHOM support the team in the operation of the Coriolis data centre.

The service is composed mainly of scientists specialised in the fields covered by the managed data (marine physics and chemistry, biology, earth sciences, etc.,) who are proficient in computer tools. Database engineers and technicians and geomaticians complete the team.

Dual skills for greater efficiency

These scientific and IT skills are both essential for SISMER's teams: this enables them to collaborate efficiently with their numerous and varied contacts. They must be capable of:

  • acting as the interface with data suppliers,
  • understanding the expectations of data users,
  • cooperating simultaneously with information system developers.

Data management and dissemination are inseparable from scientific expertise. It is a point common to all of the data centres, which must set up standards, methods and procedures for quality control, to provide the best service to users. This is why the enhanced partnership between the research team and the data service is the guarantor of a service that matches the requirements of the scientists. Most of the scientific IT systems managed at Ifremer are controlled by a scientist/data administrator pair, which puts databases at the heart of the scientific process.

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