FixO3 (Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network)

The Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network (FixO3) seeks to integrate the European fixed-point observatories in the open ocean and improve access to these facilities that are essential for the community in general.

 These observatories will provide multidisciplinary observations in all parts of the oceans from the air-sea interface to the deep seafloor. Coordinated by the National Oceanography Centre in the United Kingdom, FixO3 FixO3 will build on the significant advances largely achieved through the FP7 programmes EuroSITES, ESONET and CARBOOCEAN.

 With a budget of 7 million euros over 4 years (from September 2013), this project has 29 partners drawn from academia, research institutions and SMEs. In addition 12 international experts from a wide range of disciplines constitute an Advisory Board.

SISMER contributes to studies and developments for the management of data from the EMSO‐Azores Observatory as part of the FixO3 project (assignment of DOIs,…) as well as under the Sensor Nanny project from more of a “sensor” perspective, for a description of the observatory in the SensorML format.