Information system operation and development engineer

Information system operation and development engineer - Thematician profile in biology

Within the "Information Technology and Marine Data" department, under the responsibility of the head of the "Scientific Information Systems for the Sea" service (IDM/SISMER), he/she is responsible for the technical and functional operation of the BIOCEAN information system, which centralises all data on the deep-sea environment collected by Ifremer and its partners from research ships and submersibles. BIOCEAN contains the definitions of more than 50,000 biological samples and the physicochemical characteristics of their ecosystems, making it an international reference in this field.

Main responsibilities

With dual skills in biology and IT (although not necessarily with a specific qualification in the field of IT), he/she:

Métiers - Thématicien Halieute

  • Plays the role of driver/coordinator for administering the BIOCEAN database (banking observation data, distribution, technical interface with national and European systems, etc.).
  • Manages the software developments necessary to BIOCEAN, notably as part of the European project Hermione, and links with other databases with a view to ecosystemic approaches to “biodiversity” and its preservation. 
  • Works directly with the scientists in the relevant scientific departments.
  • Contributes to technical and functional user support (deployment, training) and the improvement of tools and methods internal to the service and the department (helpdesk in an ITIL/ISO 20000 context).

Personal qualities

  • Autonomy: no such profile currently exists at SISMER. The chosen candidate must have sufficient experience in the field to provide him/her with a certain autonomy
  • Analytical skills: beyond the management of BIOCEAN data, the chosen candidate must be able to analyse situations objectively and work on data from submarine equipment (all types of video and other settings) and examine how the management of this data can be integrated into the existing data management structures at SISMER
  • Source of proposals: the successful candidate will determine how to best exploit or highlight the data from submarine equipment and biology
  • Communication skills: must work as part of a scientific team

Specific knowledge

  • English: essential because there will be involvement in European projects