Reference Data engineer

Within the SISMER service, this engineer is responsible for maintaining the repositories used in Ifremer's databases, particularly in the fisheries, biological and chemical fields.

These repositories constitute the basic framework of the marine databases and enable the checking, classification, selection, conversion and processing of data. They are also a key factor in the continuity and subsequent reuse of the generated data.

Ifremer's databases make particular use of the following repositories:

  • Taxonomic,
  • Chemical and Biological (parameter, unit, measurement method, support, etc.)
  • Geographical (statistical units, zoning, etc.)

They currently represent more than 200 thesauri prepared and maintained within various frameworks: standards (ISO), regulations (European directives: Inspire Data Collection Framework, European Spatial Management, FAO, Ministries), best practices established by international Earth observation programmes.

Main responsibilities

With dual skills in IT and environmental observation, he/she prepares and updates the main repositories, in close collaboration with all of the thematicians concerned, such as the person in charge of the "Repositories" action for the Fisheries Information System.

This work is carried out through partnerships at French level (associated research organisations, ministries and national information systems), European level (European Commission working groups, European projects) and international level (Regional Sea Conventions, FAO, international programmes).

Main activities

  • Maintain the repositories on a daily basis, make them available to the database systems and the geographical information systems,
  • Propose formalisation procedures (for example, SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organization System) and updates,
  • Study and implement automated synchronisation with European and international systems,
  • Contribute to the specifications necessary to the development of data and product management systems and monitor the IT tools providing thematic support to the Information Systems Engineering team,
  • Participate in the helpdesk and the ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 quality management systems (Service Commitment).

Personal qualities

  • Highly disciplined
  • Good organisational skills
  • Teamwork skills and team spirit
  • High-quality writing and communication skills

Specific knowledge

  • In the IT field, knowledge of techniques related to relational databases, to geographical information systems (GIS), and to ontologies (such as the SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organization System)
  • Knowledge of biology (taxonomy) and chemistry
  • Proficient in using basic IT tools and particularly the ability to analyse developments in existing IT solutions
  • Good speaking and writing skills in English