"Database management" technician

Within the "Information Technology and Marine Data" department, under the responsibility of the head of the "Scientific Information Systems for the Sea" service (IDM/SISMER), he/she takes an active part in exploiting the data from the databases managed by SISMER.

Le métier de gestionnaire de données - Françoise Gourtay

Main responsibilities

With real autonomy, he/she contributes in particular to the use of data from the Marine Physics and Chemistry Data Bank, Coriolis and the Data Centre for French Coastal Operational Oceanography (CDOCO). He/she may provide support to SISMER's other activities.

For all activities within the scope of SISMER, he/she will take turns in running the helpdesk for database users and SISMER's contacts.

He/she may be involved in projects related to the European SeaDataNet infrastructure through the provision, via the SeaDataNet portal, of data managed by SISMER.

Main activities

On a day-to-day basis, the main activities will be:

  • Monitoring data flows
  • Qualifying data
  • Responding to users
  • Proposing developments to the database management system

Specific knowledge

Knowledge of databases and SQL language is appreciated.