Project aim

Seven geographical areas offering sufficient French data or in which work has been conducted in collaboration with foreign institutions have been identified to produce a summary of the data acquired and to develop "geophysical products". These products may be multibeam bathymetry grids (representing data from a cruise or collated data from several cruises), imagery mosaics, maps of gravimetric or magnetic anomalies, etc.

The project falls within the framework of the national Dorsales programme and represents the French contribution to the database project of the InterRidge programme (see InterRidge News 1997, vol. 6/1 and 1999, vol. 8/1).

This is a joint project between scientists at CNRS-INSU, Ifremer and IRD, who are working together to collate and validate data and elaborate products.

Catalogue Dorsales

Project group

·         Christine Deplus (CNRS-IPG Paris): scientific project leader

· (SISMER) - : database and website leader

Scientific coordinators for different areas:

·         Céline Rommevaux-Jestin (CNRS-UPMC):    Zone I – Mohns ridge

·         Pascal Gente (CNRS-IUEM-UBO): Zone II – Atlantic ridge

·         Yves Lagabrielle (CNRS-IRD): Zone III – East Pacific ridge

·         Anne Briais (CNRS-LEGOS/GRGS): Zone IV – Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

·         Daniel Sauter (CNRS-EOST): Zone V – Indian Ocean ridges

·         Marie-Odile Boulanger (CNRS-EOST): Zone V – Indian Ocean ridges

·         Mathilde Cannat (CNRS-UPMC): Zone VI – Red Sea,  Gulf of Aden

·         Etienne Ruellan (CNRS-Géosciences Azur): Zone VII – Back-arc basins

·         Jérome Dyment (CNRS-IUEM-UBO): Zone VII – Back-arc basins