EMODNet (European Marine Observation and Data Network)

The European Marine observation and data network (EMODnet) is composed of more than 100 organisations that bring together marine data, products and metadata to make these fragmented sources more readily available for public and private users based on marine data of assured quality, standardised and harmonised, which is interoperable and free from restrictions on use. EMODnet is currently in its second development phase with the aim of being fully deployed by 2020.

Emodnet - Eric Moussat

The EMODnet data infrastructure is being rolled out in three main phases:

Phase I (2009-2013) - develop a prototype (dubbed ur-EMODnet) covering a limited choice of sea basins, settings and low-resolution data products,
Phase II (2013-2016) - progress from a prototype to an operational service with full coverage of all European sea basins, a wider choice of settings and moderate resolution data products,
Phase III (2015-2020) - provide a flawless digital multi-resolution chart of the entire seabed of European waters, providing the highest possible resolution in the zones which were surveyed, including the topography, geology, habitats and ecosystems; accompanied by information in due time on the physical, chemical and biological health of the overlying water, as well as oceanographic forecasts.

Emodnet checkpoints - Eric Moussat

Currently, EMODnet is in its second phase of development with seven sub-portals in operation which provide access to marine data on the following themes: bathymetry, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, seabed habitats and human activities. The development of EMODnet is a dynamic process, therefore new data, new products and new functionalities are regularly added and the portals are being continually improved.

EMODNET Chimie - Julie Gatti