The overall aim of Ifremer's strategic plan on marine data bases is:

"protecting, managing and maintaining marine data over the long-term, in databases which can be accessed by all users, with the objective of supporting public decision-makers and underpinning research and management in the exclusive economic zone, in accordance with European directives".

The strategic plan also sets out 5 specific objectives:

  • To draw up an inter-organisation map specifying the respective responsibilities of each organisation, within a common vision, with a view to developing a national data management policy.
  • To establish national information system networks, such as the SeaDataNet project, and developing shared high added value products.
  • To develop service tools to satisfy clients using the databases and their derived products in particular to meet the requirements of European directives.
  • To build a partnership for the national continental shelf programme, in the form of a multi-annual initiative (SHOM, BRGM, IRD, INSU, Universities-Ifremer) under the auspices of the relevant ministries.
  • To strengthen France's position on the European and international scene.