Infrastructures européennes

The IDM unit has played a central role in implementing marine data management infrastructures on a European scale for the past 10 years. It has been:

  • the coordinator of the European research infrastructure (DG-Research) SeaDataNet: IDM promoted the emergence of common procedures and practices for water column data (physical, chemical, biological),
  • work package leader for the project Geo-Seas (E_Infrastructure, DG-Research): IDM extended the SeaDataNet infrastructure to geophysical and geological data,
  • involved in several work packages (physics, chemistry, biology, hydrography, etc.) of the EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data Network) initiative,
  • the main operator of the in situ component of the Copernicus Marine Core Services.

The IDM unit is set to pursue this work, in particular to ensure the future of the SeaDataNet infrastructure and to improve its user-friendliness for teams of scientists and to offer the most specific services possible, such as:

  • the possibility of publishing new datasets online without delay and of obtaining a unique identifier (DOI), stages which are now often mandatory prior to the publishing of scientific data,
  • the possibility for the dataset manager to correct descriptions and datasets online (submission of a new version),
  • etc.

To do so, the unit will draw upon and extend the scope of the "Ocean Cluster" to reach a pan-European scale, and will promote the Ocean Cluster as the French marine data management hub within European and global networks.