Research cruises

Each year, a review of the French oceanographic research cruises is produced by Ifremer and the joint service unit (UMS) which coordinates the French oceanographic fleet and which is responsible, among other things, for managing and updating the metadata and data obtained during these cruises.

The French oceanographic cruises report describes the role of the different players in the management of French ocean-going facilities
and of the means to archive cruise information and oceanographic data. It presents the fleet's annual activity and provides dynamic access to cruise information through the research cruise catalogue:


To download the oceanographic cruises report for a specific year, conduct a search on the Archimer website using the relevant key words (e.g. "cruise report 2014").

Download the latest French oceanographic cruises report by clicking on the links below:

Télécharger les derniers bilans des campagnes océanographiques françaises en utilisant les URLs listées ci-dessous :