Physical and chemical data

Whether ADCP hull data or other marine physical and chemical data, SISMER archives both the raw data (received) and the final data (formatted and checked) on network drives, which are backed up every day.

ADCP hull data

This type of data arrives from two different sources.

Data from Ifremer vessels

These data form part of the batch of data recovered by the operator of the Geophysical bank. They are therefore automatically archived in the Object Archive (OANET). They are also copied onto dedicated disk space, hierarchically organised according to the state of progress of the data exploitation (directories of raw data, data being processed and finalised data).

Data from SHOM vessels

When the ADCP hull data have been measured by SHOM (French Navy hydrographic and oceanographic service) vessels, they are uploaded by SHOM to an FTP server, then copied by the SISMER onto dedicated drives for ADCP data. They then follow the same protocol as Ifremer ADCP data, being processed and saved in a final state, with a view to data requests.

These data are also backed up at SHOM.


CTD, bottle, current and thermistor chain data

When the data are sent to SISMER by the data suppliers, they are archived in dedicated, hierarchical directories, according to the cruise to which they belong and following an established protocol.

When finalised, they are archived in other dedicated directories, in order to respond to requests from users.