Historical and spatial distribution of oceanographic cruises at the 2024 seminar of the French Oceanographic Fleet

At the fleet seminar held at the end of January 2024, François Houiller, CEO of Ifremer, highlighted the campaign data managed by the Institute's Data Centre by presenting the trajectories of the oceanographic campaigns that took place on French vessels or in cooperation with foreign vessels between 1921 and 2023.

The video animation shows the distribution of these campaigns with a time step of 10 years. It identifies a number of scientific themes of interest (ridges, deep seas, etc.), as well as political crises (no campaign during the Second World War), international collaborations and areas of French presence or influence.

Watch François Houiller's full speech : https://youtu.be/_3gNNBDIMZ0?si=z7Aaimsaz0uGYmJI&t=365

Séminaire 2024 de la flotte Océanographique Française
Séminaire 2024 de la flotte Océanographique Française

If you would like to view these campaigns online, go to Sextant and use the filter function to make your own selection (ships, periode, geographical area, etc). Happy browsing !