kick off meeting of AQUARIUS project - Aqua research infrastructure services for the health and protection of our unique oceans, seas and freshwater ecosystem

The kick off meeting of Aquarius project took placeon line on the 22th and 23th of April 2024.

Logo AquariusThe overarching aim of the proposed AQUARIUS project is to provide a highly comprehensive suite of integrated research infrastructures appropriate to addressing significant challenges for the long-term sustainability of our unique oceans, seas and freshwater ecosystems. For the first time, diverse research infrastructures will be combined to enable researchers and other key stakeholders focused on challenges and opportunities for both marine and freshwater systems in Europe and beyond.

At Ifremer, the project involves both IRSI Department and DFO;

- IRSI/SISMER for a gap analysis during the initial phase of the project to precise targets in the TA project Calls and for data management

- DFO for providing Research Vessel Thalassa and L'Europe and HROV Ariane.