Training session in SeaDataNet tools at the latest EMODnet Chemistry training

On January 30 and 31, 2024, a training session on SeaDataNet tools was organized in Trieste by the OGS as part of EMODnet Chimie.

EMODnet Chimie is one of the 7 EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data Network) themes, whose primary objective is to provide a marine observation infrastructure that offers the best support for the marine and maritime economy, as well as for environmental protection needs. Its activity consists firstly in assembling existing data from public and private bodies, qualifying them, transforming them into interoperable formats, and secondly in generating and publishing products while guaranteeing public access to the whole. EMODnet Chemistry focuses on the issues of eutrophication, ocean acidification, contaminants and marine waste, which are relevant to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and global climate change. Data are aggregated and harmonized for different groups of chemical variables in the water column, sediments and biota, based on SeaDataNet infrastructure standards.

 The aim of the training was to explain how to feed data into EMODnet Chimie's data discovery and access service via the SeaDataNet infrastructure. Two members of team SISMER provided training in the NEMO, OCTOPUS and MIKADO software packages, which respectively standardize input data and enrich metadata in the process, check file conformity and switch from one standardized format to another, and prepare datasets for distribution in the catalogs SeaDataNet et EMODNet.

Equipe EMODnet formation 2024
Equipe EMODnet formation 2024

This training session was attended by 51 participants, including 45 in person, from 31 organizations and 29 countries. It was led by OGS, the project coordinator, MARIS, the EMODnet Chemistry technical coordinator, and a group of 15 experts, including regional coordinators and work package leaders.

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