CoreTrustSeal certification renewed for Ifremer-SISMER data center

This certification is the result of the integration of 2 pre-existing certification systems: WDS (World Data System of the International Science Coucil) and DSA (Data Seal of Approval). It is based on a catalog of 17 requirements developed by CoreTrustSeal under the aegis of the RDA (Research Data Alliance).

CoreTrustSeal :

  •     guarantees researchers that their data is properly managed, banked and archived, so as to preserve the investment made in its acquisition or production,
  •     gives backers of scientific projects confidence in the accessibility of the data produced by the projects they fund,
  •     assures researchers that their data will remain accessible and readable in the future,
  •     demonstrates to users and their funders that the "level of trust" in the data center has been assessed and approved by an independent international authority.

The certificate is valid for 3 years and must be renewed in 2026.

In the "open sciences" and "open data" context promoted internationally by the RDA, and relayed in France by the MERSI (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation), the Ifremer-SISMER data center is one of only 5 French scientific data centers to have achieved this level of certification. To date, 94 scientific data centers worldwide are certified.

SISMER's quality coordination team (Christine Coatanoan, Florence Conquet) was responsible for putting together the renewal dossier, with support from the ANR COPiLOtE project (Michèle Fichaut), which aims to help the data centers and services of the ODATIS/IR data Terra cluster achieve certification.