Submit / Archive data

In order to promote the long-term preservation of ocean information, and in accordance with Ifremer's mandate, the Sismer can archive and secure any kind of marine data (observations, products, maps) that your laboratory or organization produces.

For small datasets

For small datasets (a few tens of gigabytes, i.e. most types of data except acoustic, radar or visible imagery), this hosting is free of charge under the following conditions :

  • data description must be written: nature, format, conditions access, point of contact, etc.
  • The data must be made accessible to the scientific community, with possible conditions of access. The conditions of access (access rights, user license) are established by your organization, and implemented by the identified contact point.

For big datasets

For bigger datsets (imagery, seismic, videos, climate model), hosting will be done and a convention will be established.

For further information, please contact Sismer Support.


Our various thematic information systems (Research cruises, Marine Physics and Chemistry database, Marine Geoscience database, DeepSea environment and Geology, CATDS, Coriolis, Harmonie (Fisheries) , Quadrige (coastal environment), etc.) have their own data reception channels.

To extend its capacity to preserve and make available marine datasets, SISMER has developed tools to submit and describe datasets for publication in addition to general data channels. Sismer delegates responsibility for scientific content to suppliers (scientific or responsible for data collection). These tools allow

  • To submit data
  • To describe the data in a standardized way
  • To decide on the conditions of publication (free distribution, confidential distribution, no distribution or restricted to identified users).
  • And in the long term to carry out certain generic treatments (automatic qualification, comparison)

As a feedback, Sismer :

  • Will be able to provide a DOI attached to the published dataset
  • Propose to the person who provided the data, to add them in the existing databases
  • Will insure a long term preservation of the datasets

2 generic marine data management services are available to scientists.

Archimer / SeaNoe


Results or observations to publish or to “freeze”.

examples : dissection video, fish stomach content in an Excel file, annual ADCP dataset of deep-sea vessels, etc.

Georeferenced dataset to publish.

examples : Bathymetry, climatology and collection of homogeneous observations  MEDAR/MEDATLAS, SeaDataNet, Copernicus or ARGO, etc.

More information :