SISMER provides direct support to all of Ifremer's departments and certain support divisions. It also assists the departments in their scientific projects conducted through partnerships. It offers advice on the best practices to implement for efficient management of marine data. It provides an array of technical services aimed at facilitating:

  • data acquisition, in particular for automated observatories,
  • compilation of observation data, including all measurements taken from research vessels and underwater vehicles
  • formatting and quality control
  • data access and exploitation
  • compliance with regulations, in particular European directives, governing access to environmental data.

Cycle données

Services to data users

 The vast majority of the data managed by Ifremer are accessible online through domain-specific portals available via this website (Access data).

Nevertheless, a few datasets are not directly accessible online: datasets composed of very large quantities of data which would be incompatible with web transfer, controlled access data, queries involving large data compilations, etc. In this case, you can follow the instructions given on this website or, if insufficient information is available, please contact the user helpdesk which will be able to give you the necessary instructions.

Technical services for non-human users (i.e. for automated transfers between computers and remote programmes) are also available.

Services to data producers

Ifremer makes its data management systems available to its partners and to scientific teams working on the marine environment. Several levels of services can be offered:

  • Secure long-term archiving of datasets (marine-related cloud storage)
  • Generation of metadata in compliance with the INSPIRE Directive,
  • Hosting and specific processing: operational oceanography, oceanographic cruise data, mapping and GIS, acoustic and visible imagery...

Data are hosted, except in the case of specific agreements, under the responsibility and control of the data producer (conditions governing data access by Ifremer and third parties in particular). Please contact the user helpdesk for to precisely define the needs and level of service required.