Ocean Data View format

General description

Ocean Data View is a "spreadsheet" format, i.e. a set of rows each with the same fixed number of columns.

  • ODV comprises three different column types:
    • Metadata columns (for instance, the operation number) which are always at the start of the row
    • Reference parameter columns (for instance depth, time, etc.) positioned after the metadata columns
    • Parameter columns positioned at the row end.

Each parameter column is associated with a quality indicator column.

  • An ODV file includes three types of rows:
    • comment rows
    • column header rows
    • data rows.
  • Each file comprises a single data type from among the follow three types:
    • vertical profiles measured in the ocean water column from the surface to the seabed
    • time series measured at a fixed point
    • measurements taken along the platform's trajectory (for instance, a ship's route or a buoy's drift).


Exemple d'un fichier ODV
//Provider: Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
 //SESAME data policy: Originator
 //SESAME package: WP1
 Cruise Station Type yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss Longitude [degrees_east] Latitude [degrees_north] Bot. Depth [m] "Sea Level, m" "Temp, °"
 Parameter mapping according to SESAME vocabulary => SLEV TEMP
 RMN    Messina    *    2006-02-15T00:00:00.000    15.56777778    38.18916667    0    0.22    14.2
 RMN    Messina    *    2006-02-15T01:00:00.000    15.56777778    38.18916667    0    0.18    14.2
 RMN    Messina    *    2006-02-15T02:00:00.000    15.56777778    38.18916667    0    0.15    14.2

Full examples of the three types of files can be found on the SeaDataNet website.

The full specifications of the ODV format can also be downloaded from the SeaDataNet website.