ENVRI+ (Environmental Research Infrastructures)

Envri+ is a European research infrastructure H2020 project.

The aim of this project is to implement harmonised solutions and infrastructures (technical architecture, data discovery in dispersed data banks, display and retention of data, etc.) to meet the long-term requirements of European research communities, covering all scientific fields.

It is dedicated to coherence, interdisciplinarity and communication between infrastructures for observing the earth-atmosphere-ocean-space environment. Ifremer is significantly involved in observation (ERIC Euro‐Argo floats, EMSO oceanic observatories). Euro‐Argo and the "atmosphere" community will contribute to finalising and deploying sensors useful for both communities: ocean-atmosphere carbon dioxide (pCO2) and pH.

IDM is more particularly involved in two main activities:

  • Technical studies to promote the interoperability of ocean observation infrastructure (EuroFleets, EuroArgo, SeaDataNet, Copernicus, …) as well as for interoperability between different themes (Atmosphere, Solid Earth, Biosphere and Ocean).
  • Setting up technical recommendations for infrastructures related to the Ocean: formalisation of transmissions between sensors, data centres and users, common identification of users, description of data (metadata and catalogues), etc.

Participation in preparing a participative science project for annotating videos from observatories, run by Marjolaine Matabos of the deep-sea environment laboratory LEP (meetings, drafting and proofreading of the call for tenders that will be released on 1st October, etc.).