AtlantOS (Atlantic Observing System and implications for Argo and Euro-Argo)

Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System

AtlantOS is an ambitious European H2020 project for ocean observation.  It began in April 2015 for a duration of 4 years.

Its objective is to optimise and strengthen the Atlantic Ocean in situ observation system for better management and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

It concerns the in situ observations carried out by ocean-going vessels (CTD, ADCP, FerryBox, bathymetry), Argo floats, gliders, drifting buoys and anchorages. This project initialises an ongoing European in situ marine observation system: the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System (IAOOS). IAOOS will be the in situ observation network of Copernicus Marine, a component of the European Earth Observation Programme.

Ifremer is significantly involved in observation (deployment of floats, anchorages, oceanographic cruises), led by the ODE department and, for IDM, in data management (CTD, ADCP, anchorages, floats and gliders). SISMER is involved in WP7 on data management and in the processing of ADCP data.

Ifremer assigned personnel: Pierre-Yves LeTraon (executive committee) and Sylvie Pouliquen (steering committee).